Wednesday, September 24th, 2008

my wordle:

Just finished a book last week. A book I have read three times and bought many copies of. It is getting harder to get copies so once I found a hard copy online I bought it to treat myself.


by Gary Paulsen

This is the kind of book to read on a cold night curled up in front of the fire.  It makes me want to have a dog but that would be cruel as we are not in enough to be with it.  It also makes me want to read Woodsong, an equally brilliant book that goes hand in hand with winterdance.

We all randomly buy bags of coffee for the staff room and today someone brought in a bag of very very strong coffee ground for a machine.  When made in a cafetiere it makes for an interesting drink.  I am very awake.

The lovely Sharon and I have been busy. Every weekend we have been throwing ourselves into activities to keep us occupied. This is a good thing, you feel like you have actually done something with your weekends. They are an experience in themselves and not just something to live for. We have been constantly in the mountains supervising groups or taking part in crazy marathons. So far every one of them has been a little island of beautiful weather. Mini summers.

The last weekend was the Mourne Mountain Marathon. The lovely Sharon and I did it a few years ago with our only goal being to survive. This year we were pleased to have improved on our previous performance. I can’t really say it was extremely enjoyable at the time. It’s one of those things you just want to get over with but are really pleased you have done and would do it again at the drop of a hat (with a couple of days rest). And the atmosphere was brilliant with everybody having a laugh, encouraging each other and being friendly.

Near the end I passed a small lough at the base of Slieve Lamagan. The last time I passed this lough only a week before I was struck by its beauty. I thought, at the time, how it be a beautiful winter camp. I imagined a frosty mountain range and coffee and porridge at dawn. However this time, after stomping all over the mountains for what seemed like forever, i did not have such romantic thoughts. I just wanted to go home.