When we are off school we deliberately fill our time with day trips and adventures, but we try and make sure they don’t involve early starts.  So the mornings are leisurely and relaxed.  There is time to savour breakfast and coffee and time for the lovely sharon to experiment.  This morning the lovely sharon was creating ‘something in the kitchen, “don’t look, it’s a surprise”.  I waited and it was!

I stayed away from the kitchen while the excitable sharon cooked.  After 20 minutes she called me in.  I noticed that her enthusiasm had deflated like a burst balloon.  She had attempted to make croissants.  While they were cooking she did some more research n the internerd and discovered that her initial recipe was a little too simple (it said to just use pastry).  It turns out that the pastry has to be a certain type and is very very difficult to make.  The enthusiastic sharon had sausage role pastry to hand.  They smelled like sausage rolls, they tasted like sausage rolls and they looked like croissant shaped sausage roles.  Nice.

We have way too much time on our hands.