Today I have done mostly nothing.  Well it has felt like nothing.  I think it is called pottering.

I have sorted out the green house, re-potted things that needed re-potting and that sort of thing.  Hung garlic, planted new lettuce.  I also started a new book.  I had started it before but did not get far and now I can’t put it down.  How strange.  But, not as strange as this………ant head!….

I found this guy, or his head at least, attached to my pull over cosy hillwalking jacket.  At first it looked like and felt like a little piece of melted plastic.  It was stuck to the jacket!  It turns out that this little member of hymenoptera must have died with his jaws biting into my jacket.  Then the rest of his body just fell off.  To say he was little is unfair as he head was quiet large (the image is not to scale) and so his body must have been also.  And to say “his” is also probably inaccurate as most of them are female.  I’ll stop now.