Climbing was canceled this evening. The hall in which the climbing wall lives was being used. The lovely Sharon and I were very disappointed. For a few weeks now we have been going climbing. I used to climb years ago (mainly indoor climbing), but the lovely Sharon is just beginning. It turns out that her tall, thin, lanky slender frame makes her perfect for climbing. Initially she was petrified on even the very simple climbs. Now she has surpassed my ability level in only two weeks. ***sigh***

Instead of climbing we went for a long jog. On the route we passed a house which does not seem to like cats or superheroes. Every time I run past it I am hit by a very loud and annoying high pitched sound deterrent. It has to be the loudest I have experienced as I even have to cover my ears. The lovely Sharon does not understand as she is oblivious to it. I have also noticed that as we sit out in the garden in the evenings, reading and sipping wine,  I can here the bats coming before I can see them. I am uncertain if I have always been like this or if it was only after I was bitten by that radioactive shrew.