Tuesday, April 29th, 2008

The weekend was spent in the mountains, again. For some time now I have been living a hermit’s life; staying in at night marking coursework. Exercise has been sacrificed, and so I was not as prepared as I could have been for the leg stretching weekend. Getting up at 6, walking all day, ending the evening at midnight fixing a broken tent pole in high winds, mcguiver style. At least I did not have to endure a night under canvas. All the leaders enjoyed the evenings in a hostel with cooking by the lovely Sharon and myself.

Hungry meg saw a bunny and could not resist her primal urge. She bolted and crunched through the spine mercilessly. Her owner was worried about the psychological impact this might have on the students. It interested us that they all showed no sign of shock. They simply accepted it. They don’t watch disney films anymore.

On the way home I was one of the teachers given the pleasure of the bus supervision. Imagine the smell of nearly 40 students who have been hiking for 3 days. Now imaging that you are a responsible teacher who made them all take their boots off so they would not make muddy foot prints all over the nice shiny bus. ***sigh***

On the way home I was chatting to some students (the ones still awake, I am not sure if exhaustion or fumes put the rest to sleep). They happened to mention something. I thought it was remarkable. They did not seem to think it was as they had not mentioned this before. It turned out that they were sitting relaxing in the evening and they spied some head torches moving around on the mountain. They watched for some time and observed the strange patterns. The movements of the lights made them come to the conclusion that they were watching a group who were very lost. They all grabbed their torches and headed to the rescue. Some time later they had guided down what turned out to be a gold group from another school. Then they proceeded to help them pitch their tent. Not stopping there, they fired up the trangia and made the weary group hot chocolates and cappuccinos. These are the things that bring a warm glow to your heart and make a tear of pride form in your eye. But, in my typical style I simply said, “very good.”

Tonight one of the little moggies went missing. For a long time tallie missed her dinner. When she did return many hours later she was very on edge. She was jumpy, quiet and kept watching the doors. After observing her for some time we could come to only one conclusion…. she has never seen a cow. It’s that time of year for the cows to arrive in the fields.

Coursework nearly gone.