Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

I like reading some fiction. Occasionally I find little gems. However, my brain has to slow down to read them and I lose some of myself in them. Occasionally the fiction will effect me in strange ways… it haunts me in my dreams. The lovely Sharon says that films effect her in the same way. This is one of the reasons why she hates any sort of scary or disturbing films. I don’t mind these.

The night before last I kept waking up in a half dazed state. Not knowing who I was, I just wanted to be friends with these other cats. And I knew I had to find a dog and learn how to speak to it. I was Varjak.

Last night I reached for the novel, paused, then reached further for the book on nuclear power stations and the political/environmental impact on Ireland. I read for an hour. then slept solidly. Bliss.

I thought about it. I nearly did it. But, in the end I simply did not have the bravery……. to wear my periodic table t shirt to circuit training class tonight.


I feel like I have let all the geeks down.