A bit of a drive on Friday evening. It was the weekend of the Irish Science Teacher’s Association, and the Association of Science Teachers, conference. We had booked ourselves in to a hotel in Letterkenny with dinner scheduled for 8pm. Arriving in the town at 7.40 left us plenty of time to check in and throw our bags into the room. By 8.15 we had driven around the one way system and passed the hotel 3 times. I insisted that it had moved.

Saturday was the big conference day, lots of science teachers everywhere. Lots of stalls selling science things (or toys). I was scheduled to hold a seminar in the afternoon. This left me lots of time to not relax and instead build up a substantial knot of nervous energy.

The lovely Sharon is also a science teacher and so has an interest in attending the conference. However, she forgot her dress for the evening dinner and had to spend all day wandering the streets of Letterkenny looking for a new dress. And matching bag. She must have been so disappointed that she missed the conference, she seemed ok about it though. Maybe she is a strong person who hides her emotions well.

After a brilliant evening dinner, good food, good company, I began to let the knot unwind. A head cold had been hanging on for a few days waiting for its chance. It pounced with no mercy. By the end of the evening I was sniffing away and my eyes had dried up. My contact lenses were so dry that they began to blur over. I spent the last 2 hours of the night talking to people through what seemed like frosted glass. Quite strange.

On Sunday we had a late breakfast. I spoke to a colleague this morning, who also attended the conference. They told me about the drive back from Letterkenny. She and her husband took a slight detour and stopped of for a long walk along a vast sandy beach. They saw horses galloping through the sand on a cool crystal clear spring day. The lovely Sharon and I stopped to call into Tescos. šŸ™‚