This Easter break is short and very early. It does not help that I have a lot of coursework to mark.

The launch of Easter was softened nicely by a day walking in the mountains. Basic stuff, the first time in the hills for the students. It stayed really clear with the cloud base quite high. They could see a lot of the mountains until lunch time when a little of the cloud dropped quickly. Hail, rain and low visibility… a perfect introduction for them.

Today the lovely Sharon pottered about the garden. She weeded, planted, fixed and potted. It really felt like spring. We sat in the garden in the sunny warmth eating freshly baked wheaten and sipping coffee. As she continued to potter all day I kept taking marking breaks to pass judgement on her work and discuss our grand plans to build our own greenhouse.

In between the crisp cold nights the summer is slowly creeping up on us. So much so that we opened a bottle of white wine this evening. White wine? Quite out of character.

This month’s full moon is the worm moon. The ground is warming and the worm casts are appearing on the ground.