As a teacher you you have a duty to think before you speak.  Think of all possible outcomes of your words.  The lovely Sharon was reminded of this today.  It all started with our quest for culinary strangeness.  For many years we have both been stuck in our ways when it comes to what we eat, being completely unadventurous.  Recently we have been trying to change this by branching out and eating different things.  For example, I used to hate fish, with a passion, and now it is a favourite.  Occasionally, when the situation presents itself, we have tried game meat; wild bore, deer etc.  Recently a friend has been trying to get his hands on some rabbit meat (he is French) and might have acquired a source which he is willing to share.

The French friend confirmed today that le lapin is on its way.  From this conversation the lovely Sharon went to class and shared her excitement with some of her pupils, whom she often discusses food as it is a major component of their course.  As soon as the words left her mouth a flood of thoughts followed as she remembered.  She remembered that one of her students only just lost her rabbit.  A long family pet of 10 years.  A pet that was so highly loved and valued that it had a ceremony.

You can’t take words back.

You have to think of everything.