I am not a person with favourites.  When people ask me questions like, “what is my favourite colour?”  I draw a blank.  I would like to think I enjoy all things.  But, winter is my favourite season.  Does not being a summer person make me not enjoy the summer.  No way!  I love the summer.  The long nights.  Sitting outside (wrapped up warm, as it is northern Ireland).  The fresh salads from the garden.  Oh, and I am a teacher, do the maths.

Even with these beautiful summer thoughts, I cannot escape that winter is my favourite season.  It has more character yet things seem to pause.  Tonight I went for a short walk in a snow flurry, the best time to go.  The snow absorbs the sound and makes me aware of my own warmth.  I wrap up in wool to hold on to my ember.  When the wind dies down  I wandered through pockets of thick peat smells.

Winter is my favourite season.