Last night we had a few friends over for something to eat. Actually we had a lot of people over for a lot to eat. I had put a little thought into where people might park their cars. I drove our cars around the corner to a friend’s house. Ironically, once everybody had arrived, only one person decided to park their car in our drive. ***sigh***

The park/road was full of cars and the neighbours responses were not as I predicted. A couple of them decided to stop a few of our guests as they parked their cars, and insisted that they… park their cars in their driveways. They were taking their cars in and making space for them. Excellent!

Then a very strange thing happened which must have left the neighbours scratching their heads. When the festivities were in full swing, after an hour and a half or so; everybody got in their cars and left. Everybody. Had we offended them all? Had we thrown them all out? Had someone spilled drinks on my copy of newscientist? No. It was a grub crawl. Ours was just the first course in a meal that would take a crowd of 30 people to several houses over several hours, migrating like a heard of hungry wildebeasts