On Friday I tried something a little different. I helped out the local local education authority with some science INSET (in-service training) SIDD*. It was an interesting experience which I was very nervous about. I have delivered to teachers before, even large numbers. It’s just that it was usually me sort of giving a lecture. Friday was more involved; group work, discussion, etc. Of course I do this sort of thing in the classroom many times a day, but it is completely different with my peers. Especially as I myself hate getting involved in any sort of group work on such days. In the end it all was ok, ish. It really surprised me how everybody got quite involved. Although, being self critical, I found that I rushed a few things and did not wrap up discussions properly. I will be repeating it all in a few weeks so will get the chance to try again. Calm down, deep breaths.

Tomorrow I get to try something even more different. Lecturing.  This has quite a different type of scaryness.  On the good side it does not involve  group work, or discussion.  However, … no backup.  On Friday I was part of a team. Tomorrow from 9.00 until 5.00 I am on my own.  I am shuffled to a room first thing in the morning somewhere in the bowels of the University and left in charge.  Until lunch time, when I am taken out and stocked up with energy and caffine.

*The lovely Sharon claims that such training days are not called INSET anymore. The weird eduspeak fashion now calls them SIDD. Although neither of us know what it stands for.