Last Friday was a busy day.  It was not supposed to be a busy day, it was supposed to be a staff day.  In my head this always translates into a busy day.  On this particular staff day I attended meeting after meeting after meeting.  What is strange was that I enjoyed most of the meetings.  I found one of the meetings so interesting  that I was disappointed when it ended.  Maybe I have bumped my head.  At the end of the day I was supposed to get all the camping equipment sorted out for a day walk.  The idea was that on Tuesday, another staff day, we would practice navigation, pitching tents and using cookers.  The caretakers were kicking us out, leaving me just enough time to throw a whole pile of unsorted gear into my car.  On the way home my mind was thinking of nothing in particular when suddenly, “pegs”.  I forgot the pegs.  A very early drive back to work on Tuesday morning would have to sort that out.

On Tuesday morning, after getting the pegs, we met the students in bitterly cold and foggy conditions.  The location we choose to train these fledgling mountaineers was…..  near sea level, near the city, walking along a very flat path.  It was an ideal area to practice the skills as it was our first time with them as their leaders and the season is too unsafe for the mountains.

We spilt the students into 4 manageable groups and discussed tactics.  It was then that we realised that we would have to carefully time and coordinate the day to ensure that we all met up to hand over the ‘limiting factor’.  It turns out that 5 fully qualified leaders remembered to bring 1 box of matches between them.  Well, we were all meeting up for lunch anyway.