Today I began to construct a giant artistic periodic table.  It uses prints from a project by 96 artists.

The idea is to stick the squares onto fabric and use wooden poles to hang it beside my regular periodic table.  So far it is massive 2.5 meters by 1.6 meters.  There were 118 little cards to be sorted into the correct positions.  I got my year 10 class to sort them.  Initially nothing happened as they had not a clue what was happening.  I wanted them to sort it out themselves so I gave very little help.  After 2 minutes a wave understanding passed through them and it was all sorted.  It was quite difficult to know what some of the elements were.  When it is finished they will feel as if they were a little part of the project.*

Tungsten is my favourite.   It has the symbol W which was its old word – Wolfram.  this was because tin miners hated it.  If tungsten was present when they were trying to extract tin, the tin would dissolve in the tungsten and became stolen.  Like a wolf steals sheep.

*of course I scrambled the symbols as soon as the class left, so that the next class could also “feel as if they were a little part of the project”.