Some days you hit the ground running. Today was one of those days. No free periods and a lunch time lesson. Everything is one constant flow……. margarine and heart disease……….going through exam papers……..the moon, tides and renewable energy…….chicken poo power stations……..mountain navigation in low visibility………databases editing………..absolute zero. The end of the day involved grabbing a coffee and laughing with the caretakers before writing reports. Writing as many as I could until I was kicked out by the same caretakers.

Puncturing the day was the arrival of packaging. Books!

I really should not be buying any more books but two really did catch my attention. I ordered them and bumped them to the top of the reading list. The books in question concern nutrition. One of them is a book receiving a lot of attention in the media at the moment.

Defence of food of food is supposed to be a review of our obsession with nutrition and the hype that surrounds it all. The book gives the plot away in the first sentence: Eat real food. Try and make it mostly plants. Michael Pollan has another interesting book called the omnivores’ dilemma. The omnivores’ dilemma is all about the source of our foods. The ecological impacts and ethics of what we eat.

The other book…… I have been looking forward to.

I have been reading a lot of Joe Schwarz since I discovered him. His books have been sober, very easy going, and packed with good no nonsense science. The blurb on “an apple a day” reads:

Eat salmon. It’s full of good omega-3 fats. Don’t eat salmon. It’s full of PCBs and mercury. Eat more veggies. They’re full of good antioxidants. Don’t eat more veggies. The pesticides will give you cancer.

The only problem with this book is that you can’t easily get it here. Or even on the American I had to go somewhere I have never been;! Canada!

I am of the suspicion that “an apple a day” might have less soap box nutrition that “in defence of food”. Maybe not.