Thursday, January 31st, 2008

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sam brown, explodingdog

Wednesday was the day that it would all begin again…cycling.  On Tuesday evening I got a phone call from a fellow cyclist; “shall we start the school run again?”  All that was needed was a close eye on the weather.  Would the cold keep us back?  No.  Rain? No.  Wind?  YES!

So it turned out not to be windy, but very cold.  Usually I endure the suffering of bitter cold for the first few miles until my body warms up.  However, of the three of us who were cycling in, one had tyre problems.  This involved a lot of stopping and no warming up.

It got to the stage (when tubes were being changed) that I had to leave them to it.  I ditched the team.  We were already running late and I had to be in school early.  I did not feel great about that.  I put my foot down feet round and round all my energy into the last half in the hope of warming myself up.  A few miles from school I thought my fingers were quite numb.  It turns out I was wrong.  When I got into school I some of my fingers had gone beyond what I thought was numb into real numbness.  Then the pain came.  The lovely Sharon often talks about this pain when we are in the mountains.  I thought I knew what she meant.  Now I really know.  Ahhhhhhhhh! my hands?

But it was worth it in the end.