Seems we may have an extra terrestrial visitor over the next month or so. Apparently it will be visible passing over northern ireland at 6.30 tomorrow morning. And it is passing over cork as I type this.

The new little cat, Tallie, went missing for a while yesterday. We need to train her as an outside cat so she is out as much as possible. But, yesterday morning she failed to turn up after being out all night. There was no sign of her until after lunch time when I spotted her at the other side of the stream, scared and confused. A half hour lesson in river crossing followed. She was tired and slept for hours. Last night she was out again and we were keen to get her to use her cat kennel. This involved another lesson in going through a cat flap. Learning intentions were no good here, we simply forced her through the flap headfirst and waited for her to find her own way out. This process was repeated several times.

This morning Tillie (the original one) was at the door as usual (food makes her always come back). Just as the lovely Sharon was opening the door, Tallie’s little kennel opened up and she wandered out. We were so proud. Apart from Tillie, who obviously did not know she was in there. She had a “what the hell! Where did she come from?” expression on her face.