Last 2 periods on a Friday. Teachers all the world over must dread this time of the week. All your energy and enthusiasm must be dragged up from some small ember of energy inside. You must entertain, educate and motivate at what must be the most distracting of lessons. The bell for the weekend is only just minutes away and you have to make them forget this. Make them think only of the hear and now. Then a thought drifts into your own head “The bell for the weekend is only just minutes away”.

This year I have my Y13 (lower 6th in old money) last 2 periods on a Friday. So I thought I would try something different as an experiment. I thought I would introduce coffee Friday. On coffee Friday we are in a maths room. We have a biscuit or two and a nice cup of coffee (real coffee). Tea is also provided for those not inclined to coffee, but never instant coffee. Never.

The original idea was that it would take a seminar style format. I imagined us doing mind bendingly fiendish calculations as the whiteboard filled with the undecipherable glyphs of A level chemistry. The room would be filled with animated scientific discussion.  It turns out that the experiment seems to be a success so far, but not in the exact way I imagined. It seems that on Friday afternoon all they want to do is sip coffee and listen. It has turned into a lecture class, a very civilised one. It may be my imagination, but it seems like a lot less hard work last 2 on a Friday. Maybe they respect being treated like adults. Maybe its the caffeine. Maybe its the biscuits.

This week I had something special planned for coffee Friday. As part of the weekly shop I got all the ingredients to make a rich chocolate brownie cake. I was supposed to cook it tonight. I forgot, they are off school tomorrow. No coffee Friday.