A colleague asked me if I had recorded a tv program about food (dispatches: the truth about food).  I hadn’t, or didn’t even know I had missed it.  She wanted to use it to show her Home Economics class.  This led me to investigate 4 on demand. How did I miss this?  It’s brilliant.  It turns out there are a load of programs, many of which are perfect for teaching.  It takes time for the programs to download, but it’s worth it as they are quite good quality.

I was intrigued to note that the whole process uses bittorrent technology.  This enables a very eficient and speedy way to download very large files.  This is the same system that hollywood hates and I thought that the tv companies hated it too.  One annoying feature is that the software runs in the background evey time the computer is switched on.  It is constantly letting other 40D users download programs that you have downloaded from 4od yourself.  I am not against this peer to peer system.  However, it is annoying that it assumes that I want it switched on all the time.  I will have to fix that.

As for the program…  The HE teacher wanted to show the class how misleading food labels can be as that is what the program is all about.  However, once the lovely sharon and I watched it we were shocked at how misleading the program was with it’s science.  The lovely sharon happens to be doing a food analysis project with some of her students.  They make fresh food and get cheap ready meals, then they do s thorough an analysis as they can.  They ended up getting similar results as the program.  I.E. the cheaper ready meals had LESS fat.  Does this mean they are more healthy like the program suggests?  NO!  Sharon’s students put it down to the qaulity and quantity of the meat ingredients.   There was also some other dodgy science I wont go into.