Sometimes I get problems with my stomach, most people do.  Yesterday I started to get a very strange taste in my mouth after eating.  Today it was worse, a lot worse.  It tastes DISGUSTING.  The taste lasts for about 15 minutes or so.  At first I thought…stomach acid.  This makes sense; I eat, this makes my stomach secrete more acid.  Maybe I am very stressed, or am fighting a bug.  Well I don’t feel particularly stressed but I do feel quite under the weather.  There is one major problem with this theory;  I know what stomach acid “feels” like and this is not stomach acid.  The truth is rather stranger.  Pine nuts.

A few days ago I started eating a packet of seeds (which included pine nuts)  and  finished the packet over two days.  It turns out that eating certain varieties of uncooked pine nuts gives rise to a sort of mild poisoning or allergic effect.  A very bitter and metallic taste is produced immediatly after eating.  This usually lasts between a few days and as much as a couple of weeks.

How random!